Mechanical Coupling

Mechanical Joint Connection (for PPR-C & HDPE pipes)

MECHANICAL COUPLING (Strong Plastic Housing with SS Teeth)
(Strong Plastic Housing with SS Teeth)


Fusion Mechanical Join HDPE / PPR

  • Simple, Fast, easy bolted connection.
  • Eliminates Butt Wedding.
  • Eliminate socket fusion welding.
  • Fast installation.
  • Economical- A Union at every joint, hence reduce the cost of flange assembly.
  • Easy to remove and rotate pipe for increase pipe life.
  • No special tool required (Jack, Mirror, Electricity)
  • Pressure: 4 Kgf to 16 Kgf.

Fusion Industries Limited proud to introduce mechanical coupling system for HDPE and PPR pipe jointing system.

Economy : Fusion Mechanical Coupling design and developed to reduce the cost and time for installation. It avoid flange assembly as itself is a union at every joint.

Housing : Made of durable plastic for rugged service condition.

SS Teeth : Integral gripping teeth made of stainless steel inserts and molded, provide direct connection to the pipe.

Rubber Gasket : Elastomer gasket with triple seal design provides a leak free seal.

  1. EPDM : Recommended for hot water service

    Temperature -30ºC to +85ºC
    Temperature Rating -34ºC to +110ºC

  2. Nitrile : Recommended for petroleum products, hydrocarbon, air with oil vapors, vegetables and mineral oil.
    Temperature -29ºC to +82ºC

Always check gasket supplied before application.

Comparison of jointing system:

Traditional heat fusion system Vs Fusion Mechanical Joint System
Traditional Heat Fusing System Fusion Mechanical Joint System
Equipment required: 
Heater, Hydraulic Jack, 
Knife and Electricity.
Equipment required: 
Only Ring Spanner
Heat On- Time Positioning the Gasket
Positioning Pipe in 
Hydraulic Jack
Fit the Housing with 
Tightening pipe in jack  
Positioning Pipe and 
Heat the Pipe- Time 
Remove the Heater and 
Join Pipe
Clean the joint with 
knife and wait for 
cooling the pipe- Time 
Unlock the Jack and 
remove the pipe

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 12 x 121 x 2 cm