Blow Mould Water Tank- Water Plus



The ultra modern Blow Mould Technology has defied traditional boundaries of rotomould and has created a masterpiece WATER PLUS. The whole transformation of low Density Polyethylene to High Density Polyethylene and from rotomoulding to blowmoulding has revolutionized the tank industry. Water Plus Tanks are strong, stylish and feels gentle and welcoming. In addition, consideration of WATER PLUS water tank ‘Crash Compatibility’ with other plastic water tanks seeks to enhance self-protective performance while reducing the extent of tank to tank collision damage.

  • More Strong: The additional third layer makes it more strong like a Rock Monocoque structure with bolder ribs support stability and reduce bulg ng when the tank is lull.
  • Hygienic: Food Grade HOPE material ensures that the water does rot get contaminated when in contact with the tank.
  • Keeps water fresh: I Supreme aght threaded lid ensures that the content ol tank Is free from dust and flies.
  • Uniform Wall Thickness: The Latest Evolution of Blow Mould Technology goes a step ahead of its predecessors. It re-examines the frame structure with consistent wall thickness and thereby allows even more effective balanced weight of the whole tank.
  • Plumber friendly: Multi outlet options along with inlet and overflow configurations help plumbers In easy connections
  • Adaptability: Radical exteriors are complimented by the intelligent design which optimizes superior performance and ensures adaptability to various conditions.

Fusion HDPE Water Tank comes in wide range to cater your specific needs.

Capacity(Liters) Overall Diameter(mm) Overall Height(mm) Diameter of Man -Hole(mm)
2000 1365 1550 415
1500 1240 1425 415
1000 1100 1200 415
750 990 1130 415
500 850 990 415
300 700 938 415
200 700 655 415

Since material is plastic, shrinkage/expansion of at least 3% is to be considered in dimensions