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At Fusion, our endeavor is to continually develop newer, better and more innovative ways   to bring you the best of products and solutions, for all your needs. concurring with our philosophy of developing eco-friendly, products for a greener world, we bring you uPVC pipes and fittings – a more eco-friendly, far superior replacement for the widely used GI pipes Fusion uPVC can be used up to 60ºC (140ºF), makes it ideal for cold water applications. Furthermore, it is flexible enough for bending, thereby enabling use in a wide variety of process applications. It is also non-toxic, fire and chemical-resistant, and exhibits a higher impact and tensile strength. in addition, it has excellent resistance towards acids and bases.
ASTM plumbing pipes are manufactured as per ASTM D 1785 and are available in Sch. 40 and 80 pressure classes. The pipes are available in a standard length of 3 meters and 6 meters in both plain and threaded ends, Threads are compatible with GI fittings as per IS-554. ASTM threaded pipes are cheaper to conventionally used G.I. pipes and other all the advantages of plastic piping system.
The maximum continuous service temperature for Fusion PVC-U plumbing pipes is 60ºC. The ASTM Pipes’ abrasion resistance, light weight, mechanical strength, toughness and durability are the key reasons for it’s used in construction and building applications.

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